Augmented Reality Development Services

Elevate your smartphone experience with our expert AR/VR development services. We create innovative AR/VR solutions, enhancing user experiences. Our experienced team specializes in the cost-effective, time-optimized development of cutting-edge AR/VR apps that boost business efficiency and accuracy.

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Our AR/VR Development Services

Our technology competency surpasses a typical AR/VR development company in India. We excel in building custom AR/VR software that includes a variety of industry applications.


Our AR/VR development services build amazing AR/VR apps with video transmission, image recognition, and 3D rendering that extend real-world scenes and provide an interactive user experience.

AR/VR Experience Design

We design an immersive experience combining UX, sound, and animated graphics principles with rich content to ensure a dynamic appearance and attract users.

Hardware-level Development

Our AR/VR app development solutions are backed by various server-side solutions, accelerometers, cameras, and GPS to embed our solutions into different hardware setups.

Multiple Device Compatibility

We provide AR/VR development solutions that are compatible with different devices, such as tablets, smartphones, AR glasses, smart TVs, VR viewers, and more.

Locations Based AR Solutions

Our AR app development services provide customers with information about surroundings and navigation, geospatial mapping, and geolocation in our Augmented Reality solutions.

Face Recognition

We do augmented and virtual reality apps development with facial recognition features that automatically identify people and detect their faces to lock/unlock devices and applications.

Marker Recognition

Our marker recognition services include tracking visual markers to align virtual data with the real-time environment inside an app or a device.

Object Recognition

We build augmented and virtual reality solutions that help in the recognition of an object and its position in a scene to enlarge the display for a detailed and enlarged look.

Gesture Recognition

We build human-body and hand gesture tracking solutions using advanced 3D sensing technology. Our solutions are designed to be applied in any scenario, ranging from enterprises to consumer products.

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Bringing Innovation with Latest Tech Stack

We are proud to have AR/VR development experts in diverse app development technologies like 3D modeling, ML, image recognition, etc. Our AR/VR app maintenance specialists hold relevant knowledge about the following core technologies:


  • Scene Rendering
  • Application UX/UI
  • 3D Modelling


  • Machine Learning
  • Application Backend
  • Third-party Solutions Integration
  • Interaction Logic
  • Drivers
  • SDK/API Integration
  • Image Recognition



We Have Worked With Some Amazing Companies Globally

Our Augmented Reality apps development company has had the privilege of working with some amazing companies from all over the globe. We have a few impressive numbers to share:

  • 4200+ Projects Successful
  • 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • 2500+ Global Clients
  • 38+ Countries
  • 650+ Full-Time Software Developers

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User Guide To Understand AR/VR App Development

What are AR and VR?

AR and VR are technologies used to enhance the user’s experience by immersing them in a virtual environment.

AR, or augmented reality, is a technology that overlays computer-generated graphics, sounds, or other sensory inputs in the real world. It typically involves using a camera-equipped device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to capture the user’s view of the real world and add virtual elements. We can use aR in various applications, such as gaming, education, and marketing.

VR, or virtual reality, is a technology that simulates an entirely virtual environment, often through a headset or other specialized equipment. It provides users with a completely immersive experience in which they can interact with and manipulate virtual objects in a simulated environment. We commonly use VR in gaming but also has applications in fields such as education, healthcare, and architecture.

What are the benefits of using AR and VR for your business?

There are several benefits to incorporating AR and VR into your business.

  • Create a Rich and Immersive Experience
    AR and VR can create a rich and immersive experience for your customers. This can help them better understand your product or service and increase their interest in it. AR and VR can help you create a more engaging and interactive customer experience, which can lead to more sales.
  • Increase Engagement and Loyalty
    AR and VR can also help increase engagement and loyalty among your customers. By providing an immersive experience, AR and VR can help keep customers interested in your product or service and encourage them to return. Additionally, it can help create a sense of community among customers, fostering loyalty.
  • Reduce Costs
    AR and VR can also help reduce costs for your business. By providing an immersive experience, AR and VR can help customers learn about your product or service without needing to physically be there. It can help you cut down on the need for physical prototypes or demonstrations, saving you money.
  • Increase Efficiency
    AR and VR can also help increase efficiency in your business. For example, if you are a manufacturer, you can use VR to see how your products will look and function in the real world before they are even made. This can help reduce the amount of time and money wasted on producing products that may not work well or look good.

Why should you outsource AR/VR development services in India?

There are multiple reasons why you should outsource AR and VR development services to India:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: You can save a lot of money by outsourcing AR and VR development services to India. The cost of living and doing business in India is much lower than in developed countries, so you can expect to get high-quality services at a fraction of the cost.
  2.  Skilled labor force: India has a large pool of skilled developers who are well-versed in the latest technologies and tools used for AR and VR development. These developers can help you create high-quality AR and VR experiences at a faster pace.
  3.  Time zone advantage: India has a time zone advantage over many developed countries. This means that you can get your work done faster and more efficiently by outsourcing to India.
  4.  Cultural affinity: India is a culturally diverse country with a rich heritage. This cultural affinity can help you create better AR and VR experiences that resonate well with your target audience.
  5.  Proven track record: Indian companies have a proven track record of delivering high-quality AR and VR development services on time and within budget. This track record of success gives you the peace of mind that your project is in good hands.

What are the significant things to look at while hiring AR and VR developers?

There are a few key things to look at when hiring AR and VR developers:

  1. Experience with the technology
    It’s important to hire developers who have experience working with the specific type of AR or VR technology you’re looking to use. This will ensure that they’re familiar with the potential limitations and issues that can arise and that they know how to best take advantage of the technology’s capabilities.
  2.  Ability to create engaging VR and AR experience
    One of the significant things to look for when hiring VR or AR developers is their ability to create immersive and engaging experiences. In order to make the most of these technologies, it’s essential that the user’s experience is top-notch.
  3.  Ability to work with other team members
    AR and VR development can be a complex process involving input from a wide range of team members. It’s important that the developers you hire are able to communicate effectively with other team members and work collaboratively.
  4.  Understanding of the business needs
    AR and VR can be used for a wide range of business purposes. It’s important that the developers you hire have a good understanding of the business needs and goals of your organization and are able to create experiences that align with those needs.
  5.  Understanding of user needs
    In addition to understanding the business needs, AR and VR developers need to have a good understanding of the user’s needs. This means designing experiences that are not only engaging and immersive but also intuitive and easy to use.

Choose From Our Hiring Models

With us, you can choose from multiple hiring models that best suit your needs


Dedicated Team

(also known as product engineering teams)

It is an expert autonomous team comprising of different roles (e.g. project manager, software engineers, QA engineers, and other roles) capable of delivering technology solutions rapidly and efficiently. The roles are defined for each specific project and management is conducted jointly by a Scrum Master and the client’s product owner.

  • Agile processes
  • Transparent pricing
  • Monthly billing
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Suitable for startups, MVPs and software/product companies

Team Augmentation

(also known as team extension or staff augmentation)

Suitable for every scale of business and project, team augmentation helps add required talent to you team to fill the talent gap. The augmented team members work as part of your local or distributed team, attending your regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers. This helps businesses scale immediately and on-demand.

  • Scale on-demand
  • Quick & cost-effective
  • Monthly billing
  • Avoid hiring hassles
  • Transparent pricing

Project Based

(best suited for small-mid scale projects)

Fixed Price Model:When project specifications, scope, deliverables and acceptance criteria are clearly defined, we can evaluate and offer a fixed quote for the project. This is mostly suitable for small-mid scale projects with well documented specifications.

Time & Material Model:

Suitable for projects that have undefined or dynamic scope requirements or complicated business requirements due to which the cost estimation is not possible. Therefore, developers can be hired per their time.